"Lost" is a fan-made FanFiction (and later comic) based on the hit Sonic the Hedgehog series by SEGA. It follows the adventures of Team Universe, made out of main hero Shadow, his adopted sister Maria, Mobius hero Sonic, the air-headed psychic Estyn, the street-wise and pyrokinetic Lara-Za and the shy and electrokinetic Volt. After an evil known as Infinite rises to power and conquers Mobius Prime (which is partly Shadow's fault), the six band together to find Soul Plates, energy bound in a solid form that will make a weapon that will neutralize Infinite's ultimate offense: the Phantom Ruby. However, along the way, Shadow and the group learn of a website known as Hell Correspondence: if you type a name into the website at midnight: a yokai called Sasaki will ferry them straight into Hell. With this twist, Team Universe not only have to defeat Infinite and find Soul Plates, but prevent innocent people from giving in to their sense of revenge.

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